Ann Bernauer

Ann Bernauer

Oil Pastel


Ann Bernauer’s paintings embrace nature’s stillness by exploring the confluence of light and form. Her serene atmospheric images evoke a sense of calm and sanctuary. Bernauer works capture the essence of a place or moment in time: a paintbox sky at sunset or mysteries of fog-engulfed vistas. She replays the memory of these events, bringing them to life again on paper allowing the viewer to participate.

Ann Bernauer, native to California, received a B.A. in Art History from Stanford University and continued her education in fine art at College of Marin, Kentfield, CA and La Romita School of Art, Terni, Italy. Bernauer has been showing her work in many exhibits over the years and her work is in private and corporate collections.

Artist’s Statement

My depiction of the landscape is based on visual observation mixed with personal feelings experienced at that time, and place.

The special presence of each landscape reveals itself through reduced content and color layering to create an environment, which invites the viewer to inject his own history and experiences.

I use oil pastel with a solvent wash to give suggestive soft-edged fluency. This medium, sometimes combined with collage and pencil, provides the versatility needed to capture the memory (or fantasy) of the adventure.