Jeff Mclane

Jeff Mclane
Acrylic, Watercolor

Jeff’s work is inspired by studies in science and the arts, and the implications of meaning: How we organize, map, and navigate the internal landscape as an ephemeral, changing and deeply personal space.

The pieces are composed of atmospheric fields, with line, texture, form, and edges developed from shapes and colors in the fields. Each piece is developed through an intensive process of layering and removal of the media. Jeff’s media is acrylic paint, gesso, graphite sticks and powder, and ink on acrylic and watercolor papers using spreading, wiping, scraping, sketching, drafting, and painting techniques.

Jeff uses tools that are made for sculpture and other arts to apply the media to paper, metal and glass plates, wires and scrapers, brushes, sand paper, wipes, and sponges. The work is spontaneous and gestural, detailed and refined.

Training in both fine art sculpture and landscape architecture deeply inform his art and creative process.

Jeff was raised in San Francisco and received a Bachelor of Fine Art from San Diego State University in 1988, and a Master of Landscape Architecture from UC Berkeley in 1991. When he is not painting, he is practicing landscape architecture throughout the Bay Area. He currently lives and works with his wife and kids in San Anselmo.