Jeff Smith

Jeff Daniel Smith
Oil on Canvas


A native Californian, Jeff was born with a passion for art. Constantly drawing as a child, later won awards in high school art shows. He attended El Camino College, studied art history and drawing and painting from live models. While still in his mid-twenties, Jeff began working for commercial studios that specialized in the creation of paintings and murals for commercial spaces and later, backdrops for photography and film. It was a worthwhile experience that allowed him to paint on a large scale, in a wide variety of subjects and styles.
Upon moving to the Monterey Peninsula in 1994, Jeff began painting “en plein air”, and with six other Peninsula artists and formed a group called the Informalists. In 1998 he became a member of the Carmel Art Association, where he has served as a board member and President. He is the 2007 President of MBPAPA. Jeff has been an award recipient of many competitions including the Carmel Art Festival.

Be it the rolling hills, dotted with oaks or a group of young pines reaching for the sky, Jeff finds his inspiration in the beauty that is California. Whether in a plein air study or a large studio piece, he uses brilliant color and bold brushstrokes to capture the fleeting light of the moment.