Kristen Jensen

Kristen Jensen
Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas


My abstract and figurative paintings explore the intersection between organic textural components of the natural environment and architectural or anthropomorphic elements.

These paintings are all created using archival quality papers or canvases. All paintings start with a pre-tinted, and often pre-textured surface. The paints I use are a combination of liquid acrylics made with exceptionally vibrant pigments and more traditional thick-bodied acrylics. The images are built up from an under-painting of liquid acrylic, with thicker paints added for depth and texture, and watercolor pencil lines to accent and finish the painting.

The larger works are painted on wrapped, three-dimensional canvases or wooden boards. These paintings are almost sculptural in effect, as the images wrap around the sides and can be seen from all angles. The canvases do not require framing.

Kristen Jensen is a Bay Area native who has been painting professionally since 1999, and currently works from her studio at Studios Eleven in Oakland, California. Her abstract and representational paintings are composed of organic textural elements superimposed with a conscious linear structure. Kristen’s work appears in private and corporate collections across the country.