Featured Artists: Chris Hayman and Marlene Walters (February 29 – April 11, 2020)
In response to the shelter in place order, Desta Gallery is closed temporarily. We will continue observing the public health service announcements and reopen when it is safe. Our heart goes out to those affected directly or indirectly by COVID-19.

Meanwhile, our online business continues to operate. We are working from home and are available. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please follow us on Instagram: @destagallery to be inspired by new artworks from our artists. We are grateful to our artists as they continue to put their heart and soul in creating new fantastic works.

Thank you for your continued support and thoughtfulness in these challenging times. We are sending you wishes of good health, optimism, and resilience!

Desta Gallery

Desta Gallery exhibits contemporary art by emerging and established artists working in various media and styles, from representational to abstract, including painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. We work with dedicated artists who explore the creative and material boundaries of their craft. The gallery is committed to offering high caliber contemporary art, and exceptional service at the gallery and online.