Japanese Tea Ceremony

Saturday, June 27th
10:00 am – 11:30 am

Participation in a Japanese Tea Ceremony, as it is referred to in the West, has been likened to a “dance of charity between host and guests,” and also as a form of “kinetic meditation.” Brought to Japan from China by Buddhist monks in the 9th century, its simplified ritual was codified by Sen Rikyu in the 1500s. Embodying the values of wabi and sabi, its refined procedures are meant to “demonstrate respect through grace.” In Japan, it is referred to as Chado, or The Way of Tea, describing a Way of approaching life—even outside the tearoom.

Each action in making tea—and there can be as many as 300 separate steps, each requiring precision and smooth gracefulness—is focused on the preparation of a bowl of refreshing, good-tasting matcha tea.

Our tea-gathering (chakai) will be hosted by Kaoru Sohkun Henderson, a tea-teacher of the most popular school of the Way of Tea, the Urasenke School. She will be assisted by Michael Fischer who will serve as narrator to describe the objectives of Chanoyu, the phases of the procedure, and the etiquette of host and guest.

Ceremony will be performed seated on a chair (not on the floor). To cover costs $15.00 per guest is requested.
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