Archie Held

Archie Held

Archie Held is an internationally recognized artist who has been creating sculptures since the late 1970s. He studied at UCLA for both his graduate and undergraduate degrees. He opened his Richmond, CA based studio in 1985 and has produced numerous private and public commissions. His large studio employs a team of talented artists and metal fabricators. Held’s sculptures are primarily constructed in bronze and stainless steel, and he has recently added glass and granite to his pallet of materials. He is well known for his ability to incorporate water as a central element to complement his elegant designs further. He enjoys the challenge and process of creating unique site-specific projects.

Held’s sculptures have been exhibited over the years in many galleries and collected by numerous notable collectors, including George Lucas, Bob Weir, Carol Burnet, Iman and David Bowie, Larry Ellison, Melinda and Bill Gates, Charles Schwab, and Robert Mondavi.

Also, Held’s work can be found in over ninety public and corporate collections such as Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, Auberge du Soleil Resort, Rutherford, CA, Charles Krug Winery, Napa, CA, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA, Sales Forces, San Francisco, CA, Yale University, New Haven, CT, First Republic Bank, New York, NY, Yale University Neiman Marcus Flag Store, Dallas, TX, Sky Tokyo Club, Tokyo, Japan.

Artist Statement

My body of work is the result of an ongoing inquiry into form that I began in the 1970’s. I am drawn to organic shapes in nature and forms that embody the essence of strength and growth. This is coupled with my interest in the duality of mind, the individual and the collective whole. As I often feel like a separate and quiet observer in life, as opposed to an integrated part of the larger consciousness. The amalgam of this led me to a visual dialog of forms dealing with perceived ideals (beauty), internal conflict (integrity), interactions, relationships, family and society.

From this internal conversation I strive to produce simple and elegant forms through a process of reduction, that begins with a pencil and paper. Born in sketchbooks and on scraps of paper are images that reoccur and evolve at each new attempt to render them. This simple act of drawing quiets the ongoing dialog in my mind and allows personal forms and imagery to appear.