Brandon Stieg


Brandon Stieg

Brandon Stieg is a sculptor and craftsman of wood and metal whose creations delve deep into the heart of our shared human experience and the mysteries of our existence and purpose.

Stieg’s artistic journey began in early childhood and expanded with his studies in Fine Art and Architecture at the University of Colorado at Boulder and The Crucible in Oakland. He has honed his skills for over 30 years, working in these mediums and exploring new and innovative techniques in manipulating and balancing metal and wood.

Stieg’s work captures the essence of nature and human existence into tangible forms. He encapsulates the delicate balance between the industrial components that shape our world and the environment we inhabit. Due to the level of detail and surface textures accomplished in his process, many of Brandon’s hand-formed, forged, carved, and fabricated pieces are mistaken for castings.

Recently, Stieg has focused his full attention on creating sculptures after many years as a home designer and builder. Brandon is a recipient of several awards and accolades for his work. In 2022, his work won 1st place in sculpture, Best of Show overall, and Artist of the Year at the juried exhibition of the Marin County Fair.

Stieg currently resides in Northern California.

Artist Statement

All of my work explores the human condition, drawing inspiration from personal stories. Each piece is born from an impactful moment, contributing to the skeletal narrative that we construct to shape our reality. Ultimately, my aim is to foster a connection between viewer and the artwork, offering a glimpse into the complexities of human spirit and our relentless quest for meaning.