Brendan T. Kelly

Brendan T. Kelly

Brendan T. Kelly is a retired Army Veteran, former high school teacher. He is married going on twenty-four years and has three daughters. Brendan started oil painting as a young kid and his desire to explore all the art genres led him to photography. Brendan credits his artistic talents to his family, as he puts it they are his muse. He looks for the overlooked, forgotten, and the stories that need told when traveling.

He has had the luxury of seeing a good amount of this wonderful world, with some thanks to the Army and by taking long drives or weekend trips. One thing Brendan has discovered is that there is almost too much to see and explore. That is why he loves photography. Brendan states that photography gives us the ability to capture a moment in time, a story, and a feeling.

When he is traveling or just walking around town, Brendan loves to see what is going on around him, day-to-day life with all of the things that make it up. Often times the places, people, and items we overlook turn out to be the most interesting. That is what he desires and hopes to capture in his photography, the uniqueness of life around us. From people watching on Grant Street in the heart of China Town in San Francisco to speaking with the cows on the outskirts of Fort Worth. Life has a great story and it never gets old.

As a kid, Brendan spent much of his time between Northern California and the Panhandle of Texas. These two different places helped to make him who he is. When people ask him where he is from he likes to kid around and say I-40, it seemed as a kid he spent a lot of time on that road. Along with twenty plus years of military service, Brendan has had some awesome experiences. Most of all, having those opportunities to see the USA and other countries has helped him to learn how to enjoy life. After all the years of moving around with the army and as a kid, Brendan has settled down in Fort Worth, Texas.

Brendan has always been involved in the arts. His grandmother and father were both portrait painters, so it was something he was immersed in. However, something about photography captivated him. The ability to capture a visual story entices Brendan, for he has always been a bit of a storyteller. Brendan’s photography has received numerous awards; from publication in Popular Photography to 2015, Best in Show image at The Texas State Fair in their Arts Competition in Photography (BIS: Adult B&W), regional and national awards in photography, and he has a book out “Beyond The Image”. Brendan continues to challenge himself and is always looking for a new story to make and capture.

Artist’s Statement

“An image should capture a moment in time, a place you can return to again and again”, that is what Brendan says, “The emotions, smells, and memories should rush back to you and ignite what once was”.