Chris Hayman

Chris Hayman
Oil on Canvas

In her paintings, Christine Hayman concerns herself with space. She is interested in how forms are energized by the space around them, especially when incorporated into paintings with vivid contrasting colors and thick, painterly textures. Inspired by the natural world, Hayman believes in a process of constant investigation. Trained early on as a classical pianist, Hayman has been greatly influenced by music in her life. Actively involved in theater and dance at the Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati and Baltimore, her creative talents eventually led to her primary focus as a visual artist.

Hayman received her BA in Art History at the University of Maryland and a second degree in Art at the University of Reno, Nevada, where she started her investigation in painting.

Hayman has exhibited actively with several galleries nationwide. Her work can be found in numerous private and corporate collections, which include ABC Television, New York, Adobe Systems, Munich Germany, Ottawa, Canada, and San Jose, CA, Blue Water Partners, Cayman Islands, Venable Law Firm, San Francisco, CA, Jauregui Architecture, Houston, Texas, Great Hill Partners, Boston Massachusetts, and ING Corporation, Washington, DC.

Currently, she resides in Northern California on a farm with livestock and beautiful surroundings, which greatly influence her work.

Artist Statement

Beyond Nature

This year in this group of paintings, I have discovered energy connected to the landscape emerging within the work. Living on a small farm with beautiful tall trees, pastures, and vistas abounding, I am deeply touched by the beauty that surrounds me on a day to day basis. This interior energy involved with the paintings is touched by the beauty surrounding me and is emerging in a strong way. I am excited by what is continuing to develop as I go. My work centers on a deep intuitive response to my life and surroundings and the creative involvement connected to it.