Dina Angel-Wing

Dina Angel-Wing

Dina Angel-Wing focuses on creating three dimensional art that appeals to different senses. Her work spans different media from the textural experience of paper and clay to the polished tactile sensibility of smooth bronze and glass.

Her sculpture aims at a visual experience that is both aesthetically, as well as intellectually engaging as some of her work has incorporated humor, puns, and symbolism. Her current work juxtaposes soft curvilinear figures with architectonic stands and smooth bronze contrasted against weathered steel, while her portrait interpretations are noted for capturing lively personality in the permanence of bronze.

Dina Angel-Wing received a B.A. in Art History from Haifa University, studied sculpture at Jerusalem’s Betzael School of Art, and upon emigrating from her native Israel, studied ceramics with Wayne Horuchi at Stanford University and Raku with Andree Thompson at UC Berkeley.

She has exhibited at the Los Angeles County Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Los Angeles County Airport Gallery, Museum of Texas Tech University, Triton Museum, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, Richmond Art Center, and the Copia Museum of Wine, Food, & Art in Napa, CA., just to name a few. In addition, her work is part of many public and private collections all over the US and Europe.

Angel-Wing has been featured in such publications as House Beautiful, Home Magazine, International Entertaining Magazine, Home and Garden, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Oakland Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, and San Francisco Examiner Image Magazine.