Emily Lazarre

Emily Lazarre
Painted Paper Collage

Emily Lazarre was born in New York City. She was interested in painting as a child and attended a Music and Art High School where she was exposed to many practical art classes as well as an introduction to art history. She continued on to Queens College of the City University of New York, where her interests centered on sculpture, drawing and art history.

In the 1970’s, while raising a family with her husband, Emily taught at Walden Center and School in Berkeley, CA for 12 years. At Walden, she was in charge of running the visual art program. In 1984, Emily earned an MFA at the California College of the Arts (then CCAC) in sculpture. She studied primarily with Paul Harris, Dennis Leon and Bella Feldman. This three-year program significantly affected her development and her life-long career as an artist.

Emily taught sculpture as a visiting artist at University of California Berkeley. She taught sculpture and drawing at the College of Marin for 20 years until she retired in 2012. Since 1992, Emily has maintained her own art practice in her Berkeley studio where she has been making oil painted collages. She considers these low relief collages a marvelous combination of her interest in 2 and 3 dimensional work.

Emily’s work has been shown in several galleries and is in private collections throughout the United States.

Artist’s Statement


I cannot remember a time when my mind was not filled with images . . .the quality of light in a room, the shape of an object in my hands, the color of the linoleum floor, the horizon line delicately separating ocean from sky, a beach in fog.

Color is woven into my memory. What was green, is green, what was blue, is still blue. Dark and light are often predetermined.

As I work, a reverie of drifting remembrance encourages the harmony and dissonance of relative shapes and colors. Images come to life again in the layered painted paper.

The results are the abstractions of my life.