Gary Marsh

Gary Marsh
clay, aluminum, wood

My passion is the exploration and study of form, intertwining shapes found in nature with those of mans architectural influence. In other terms, combining forms unscathed by mans hands with forms created entirely by mans hands.

Heavily influenced and inspired by all living things, the intent of my work is to relay the balance required between the human race and nature, our connection and our responsibility to protect the world we have the privilege to co-inhabit. I often find it valid to combine mans discarded objects; perhaps items tumbled by the oceans, repurposed in a sculpture.

Whether literal or interpretive, I strive to instill a breath of life or a personality into each work. Observing a viewers interaction with my sculpture inspires and feeds my creative process.

Currently my work explores two avenues; the absence of color with the focus on form, painted in pure white. In contrast, I am working with cold finishes, the painting of clay, in a multilayered and subtractive manner, digging beneath the surface as if exploring the sculptures past.

Many of my pieces, although intended to stand independently as completed works, are also meant to serve as studies or maquettes for much larger versions targeted for Art in Public Places.