Kathleen Finney

Kathleen Finney

Objects of Repeated Correction

Altered complicated digressions. Ideas or reflections which later may take a different form, a final shape or destination. Rubbed, obliterated, slightly obscured, refreshed and covered over again, leaving a history of color, shape line and texture. Sharp and edgy, in your face moments juxtaposed with soft, messy illegible musings, with no particular format. Surfaces, hopefully unsettled and mysterious, enabling a continuation of an unending visual journey and intellectual examination. An external witness to my wanderings, which suggest a narrative – but there isn’t one.

Rome is where I found my passion, the beauty, the decay, layers of life all mixed together in a complex urban environment. This is what I try to bring to my paintings and my life.

Kathleen Finney is a third generation San Franciscan living and working in the city. Finney has exhibited nationally and internationally; her work can be found in private and corporate collections. Finney Studied at California College of the Arts, San Francisco Art Institute, and UC Berkeley Extension.

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