Paule Dubois Dupuis

Paule Dubois Dupuis
Mixed Media on Canvas/Panel


Born in Quebec, Canada, Paule Dubois Dupuis lived much of her adult life in Ottawa and Montreal and married her childhood sweetheart. Her family, including two then-teenagers, moved to San Francisco in 1999.

As a student, she couldn’t tolerate the classroom unless she was drawing or painting or, occasionally, writing a theatrical script. Paule started in her professional life as an autodidact, eventually even teaching others her watercolor methods. She largely abandoned that medium after feeling too constrained by the size of the paper. Paule returned to University to complete her BFA. After graduating magna cum laude from Ottawa University, the family moved to California, where she studied at the San Francisco Art Institute. The population is denser in San Francisco than Quebec, but the sun and water are her refuge and she paints in oil now to give her mind and body an outlet for stress, passion, love and sadness.

Paule has been exhibiting her work in solo and group shows extensively and her work is collected internationally.


My work is influenced by what I see and what I feel, so my creative process is very physical. When the canvas is covered with words, lines, paint, scratches and more layers, I find myself expressing all the emotions of my daily life. I am a passionate person, so I react to most things as either black or white. In my work, the extremes coexist but create a dialogue. The grays help me mediate my emotions, and express a visceral passion that cannot be put into words.

The result is a conversation in which lines and colors portray an incessant dialogue of my competing impulses. The immediacy and freshness of the abstract style of my work as well as its complexity and boldness has always appealed to me. The paintings cannot be duplicated because they involve my journey from one emotion to the next. They are internal debates that I am attempting to externalize; Be bold. Be free. Be true. These words are the essence of my experience.