Sarah Healey

Sarah Healey

Sarah Healey paints in her studio on a ridge top in Big Sur, California, her birthplace. The daughter of the explorer and Mayan archeologist Giles Healey and British artist Sheila Healey. She studied at the West Sussex College of Art and Design and the Sir John Cass Institute, London.

Sarah’s work evokes a deep knowledge of place and speaks about an exterior landscape as well as what lies beneath its surface, its buried history. The unseen emerges through her colors to bring forward the sensual worlds of air, temperature, and sound.

Her paintings are color abstractions of the ever-shifting sea views and landscapes that surround her studio. Her exploration of the wildness of the coastline reveals the depth of her connection to this rugged land.

Her work can be found in many collections throughout the states and internationally. She exhibits frequently on the Central Coast as well as in the United Kingdom.

Artist Statement

I paint the intricacies of the changing history of the landscape. The markings, animal trails, old fence lines, and energy fields. Walking the land and drawing are closely related in my color and mixed media work. I love to be out in the early morning and late evening light when the shadows are long and the light moves on the water. Drawing outside with charcoal and chalk become the starting point and reference for all my oil paintings. I work on several paintings at a time, building up a feeling of place by putting down layers of shapes over shapes, lines over lines, colors over colors. The meeting of the land, the sea and the sky.