Tim Burns

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Tim Burns

Tim Burns graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1981 with a BFA in Ceramic Sculpture where he studied with Richard Shaw. Originally from Detroit, MI, he attended Oakland Community College under nationally known Rakuist and author Robert Piepenburg.

The SF Bay Area has been his home since 1980. He currently maintains a studio in both Bolinas and San Francisco. For the last two decades, Tim has worked mainly with digital photography and photo encaustics. His work has been exhibited at various galleries throughout the United States.

Tim continues to be inspired by Nature and the ever-changing display of the beauty in the world in which we live.

Artist Statement

Abstractions in Nature, Trees, Ocean and Sky

Abstractions that occur naturally, are something that I look for while taking photographs. I seek abstractions that nature creates and try to capture them with my camera The images, whether they are illuminated from behind, taken through glass or reflections of light from the surface in the water drops adding to their luminosity, they glow from within. There are also fleeting moments, a dance of sorts between the ocean, fog and light.

This series was shot in West Marin on the coast from Bolinas.

They all are my daytime Dreamscapes.