Donna McGinnis


Donna McGinnis

Donna McGinnis was born in Spokane Washington and grew up in an artistic family. Her mother was an artist, her grandmother a musician and her father a photographer. Drawing came naturally to her, inspired by her father’s black and white photography. McGinnis received her Bachelors of Arts at Washington State University. After graduation, McGinnis moved to Northern California where she established herself as professional artist.

McGinnis paints in the landscape and abstract genre. Her works are contemporary and modern in composition. Both styles of painting are developed in the same way. Neither the abstracts nor landscapes start with preconceived ideas. With the swirling of brushwork and layering of glazes, McGinnis creates her signature style of softness and a painting that glows from within.

McGinnis work has been featured in a variety of solo and group exhibitions in several galleries across the United States and at notable institutions, including the Oakland Museum, Arkansas Art Center, Triton Museum of Santa Clara, Crocker Museum in Sacramento, Freeport Art Museum, Freeport, IL, US Embassy, United Arab Emirates.

The Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco includes three of her drawings in its permanent collection. She has been the recipient of numerous prizes and awards.

Her work has been acquired by numerous private and public collections, such as Stanford Medical Center Collection, Palo Alto, CA, Saks Fifth Avenue Collection, New York, NY, Lucas Films, Los Angeles, Bellagio Hotel Collection, Las Vegas, NV, Grand Hyatt Collection, Wailea, Maui, HA, Ritz Carlton, Phoenix, AZ, Conrad Punte Del Este Collection, Uruguay, Sherwood Hotel, Taiwan.

Artist Statement


My landscapes are invented and not of any place in particular. They are an accumulation of my experiences of seeing beautiful places such as the golden hills of California and the wheat fields of the Palouse country of Eastern Washington State. They are dream-like, soft and atmospheric with a touch of fantasy and timelessness. My landscapes begin on a blank canvas, layering oil paints with large and rapid brush strokes until an image emerges. Often what appear are warm grasslands and trees with billowing clouds. I enjoy the process and think of each painting as a journey, a timeless interlude.


My recent abstract paintings are about exploration and refinement. I am exploring materials, artistic elements and a state of mind including memories and dreams. The paintings are started without a preconceived idea and they develop on their own by suggesting their direction as I work. I enjoy a sense of ambiguity and surprise.